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Welcome to Kaiwalya Ventures

Dear Friends,

We are a nature-loving-and-caring-people’s group.

We organize Tours , Treks and CampsWe love working for the betterment of nature, mankind and the universe.


Our next tour programs are as follows:

  1. Bhutan Beauteous 
  2. NorthEast
  3. Tour to Raigad Fort 
  4. Visit to Aanandvan
  5. Camping @ Bordi
  6. Mumbai Forts
  7. Splendid Sri Lanka
  8. Kerala Calling


Dear Friends,
10 to 1,000 Indian Rupee notes are available from our collection, with serial no. of your Birthday or your Anniversary or any special date (or number). A unique gift with special value for special persons. Buy One for your loved ones and One for you! Numerologically lucky and gives you positive energy.
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Tours, Treks and Camping ….…Naturally!

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